Registration of the names of candidates to De Paul School will be done in early February. Date for Entrance test and admission to all classes will be declared on School notice Board. Admission will be closed as and when the vacant Seats are filled. Applicants are subject to a competitive entrance test. There will be interviews of the parents and the child. Course of Kindergarten is two years, comprises of L.K.G. & U.K.G.  
Our aim is to keep trying to improve our provision for all children we have the privilege of educating and caring for and we are exceptionally lucky to have the wonderful support of our governors, families and parishioners in the work that we do.  
Age of Admission
The Nursery course is meant for children 2 ½ to 3 years old. A corresponding scale of age is fixed as 3 plus. 4 plus and 5 plus as on 1st March of the year for the subsequent classes LKG, UKG and Class 1. An attested Xerox copy of the Birth Certificate of the child and a copy of caste certificate (if belongs to SC, ST, OBC) should be submitted with the admission form duly filled in and signed by the parent.  
Admission to Class 1
Admission will be given on merit and good performance in the Kindergarten. Such students must apply before 5th of April. The date of Birth must be confirmed by the proper certificate extract from the municipal or village records or a baptismal certificate which should accompany the application for admission.  
Admission to Senior Classes
Pupils coming from recognised schools must produce their transfer certificate countersigned by the educational authorities of the place where the school is situated. Application forms without proper T.C. will not be entertained. Pupils applying for admission are as rule subject to competitive entrance test. Every pupil must be introduced in person by a parent/ guardian responsible, to the principal.